The Retail Advocacy Group provides retail consulting services that include strategic insight, innovative customized business analysis and operational improvement to retail and consumer products clients, permitting them to increase sales revenue, decrease operating cost, and increase operating margin. We possess a depth of experience that includes virtually every format of retail including independent retailing, start-ups, big-box retail stores, consumer electronics, wireless, apparel, hardware, house wares, and toys.


Our retail consulting team boasts over one hundred years of successful retail consulting and retail leadership and store operation expertise. This includes selling on the floor, managing store locations, field leadership, home office management, training and development, compensation plans, customer experience evaluation, mystery shopping programs, developing standard operating procedures, marketing programs, and vendor management.


Our retail consulting team excels at change management including helping your team acquire and integrate new locations or building new operational structures. We assist our clients to properly implement our recommendations to insure they achieve the results they seek and experience a positive ROI from our retail consulting services.


Our retail consulting team partners with and assists our clients with the development and deployment of the key components required for business success.  This includes effective business strategy, useful business analysis, and improved operational performance.


In order for a retail or consumer products organization to prosper they need to have a clear sense of where they are going (the strategic component), visibility and feedback on their progress (the analytical component), and the ability to execute their business plan smoothly (the operational performance component). Our retail consultant team has consistently demonstrated the ability to assist our clients with these key business components and, as a truly accountable business partner, we define your success as our success.

Retail Advocacy Group offers retail training, retail sales training, retail management training, and retail field management training solutions.  Our retail training programs include web-based elearning solutions, elearning portals, instructor led training programs and train the trainer programs.  Let Retail Advocacy Group analyze your current retail training programs and retail training needs to assiste you with developing the retail training program that best suits your company's goals.

Retail Advocacy Group can implement the latest tools to help you assess and measure your customer experience.  Our customer experience measurement techniques include mystery shopping, call center observations, in-store observations, field manager ride-alongs, and senior management interviews and more.

Retail Advocacy Group can help you develop or revise your retail operations plans and retail operations policies.  Whether it is developing and writing a retail operations manual, individual retail operatining policies, or assisting with the development and implementation of retail operations systems you can rely on us to provide the assistance you require.

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Retail Advocacy Group

Professional Consulting Services for Retailers, Distributors,

and Service Providers

  Retail Consulting Solutions

Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer, the Retail Advocacy Group has the experience and know-how you need to improve your results - where it counts most - at the point of contact with your customer.

With decades of success in operating and supporting specialty and big-box retail locations, the Retail Advocacy Group has the experience you need to help you to increase revenue, improve productivity, control expenses, and maximize your return on investment.  

How We Help Our Clients

  •      Assessing Customer Experience and Aligning it to Your Strategy
  •      Developing and Implementing Store Operations Plans
  •      Designing Store and Field Management Training Plans
  •      Opening New Locations and Take-overs
  •      Launching and Testing New Products in Distribution



How We Execute

 We create and implement practical solutions that can be profitably implemented and sustained by your team members.  We accomplish this by implementing our L.A.D.A process:

  • Listening to your concerns

  • Analyzing and researching your core performance issues

  • Developing practical and impactful solutions

  • Assisting with implementation


Our Solutions Focus On Improving Results In Your Stores

Our team members have experienced the same daily challenges you have with improving execution where it, matters the point of contact with the customer.  That is why we focus our solutions on either the store and field level or on the merchandising and product programs that get customers to buy!  Our solutions include:

  • Training Program Design and Implementation

  • Development and Implementation of Store and Field Operations Policies

  • Store and Field Management Talent Selection and Improvement Programs

  • Development and Implementation of Scorecard Metrics and Reporting Systems

  • Customer Experience Assessments and Improvement

  • New Product Representation and Testing

  • Go-to-Market Planning for Store Buy-in on New Products

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