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Retail Advocacy Group understands that time and money are scarce resources for our clients.  We have stood in your shoes and understand the issues that retailers face with improving execution and that distributors and manufacturers confront with regard to sell-through.

You can count on Retail Advocacy Group to provide you with the analysis, strategy, and tactical solutions that you need to drive performance.  We will use our four-step "L.A.D.A" process to ensure that you get your money's worth.


Retail Consulting

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Step One: Listen to Your Needs
We begin our consulting process by spending time with your team.  Our goal is to begin building the relationships needed to allow us to understand the issues that you and your team members percieve with the current state of your business.  We also will dive deep in order to understand your aspirations and the percieved challenges with attaining your goals.

Step Two: Analyze and Understand
We will work closely with your team to objectively analyze the current state of your business and to determine the areas that will yield the biggest impact.  Activities associated with this gap analysis often include:

  • Analyzing the P&L, Financial Statements, and Cash Flow
  • Documentation and Review of Operating Policies
  • Interviews with Key Management Personnel
  • Interviews with Store and Field Management Personnel
  • Mystery shopping and Employee Surveys
  • Store Visits and Work-Alongs

Step Three: Developing the Action Plan
Once we have gathered the data we will provide a comprehensive report of our findings.  Then - working alongside of your team - we will develop the strategic and tactical planning that your business requires to improve revenue, maximize inventory, optimize operations, and increase profits.  Solutions often focus on core areas such as:


  • Compensation Programs
  • Recruiting, Selection, and Hiring Practices
  • Employee Development and Training Opportunities 
  • Standard Operations Procedures Standard Operations Procedures Standard Operations Procedures Standard Operations Procedures
  • Daily Activities and Activity Management
  • Corporate Communications and Culture
  • Store Experience / Merchandising



Step Four: Implementation and Measurement
At Retail Advocacy Group, we believe that providing a soultion is only halfof the battle.  We recogize that the retail business is fast, furious, and that the competitive marketplace can shift at a moment's notice.  That is why we will go the distance to inspect what we expect.  This includes:

  • Ongoing Mystery Shopping
  • Store Visits and Work-along
  • Regular Progress Reports
  • Quick Response Meetings
  • Review of Key Performace Indicators 

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Improve the quality of your store operations







The Retail Advocacy Group provides retail consulting services that include strategic insight, innovative customized business analysis and operational improvement to retail and consumer products clients, permitting them to increase sales revenue, decrease operating cost, and increase operating margin. We possess a depth of experience that includes virtually every format of retail including independent retailing, start-ups, big-box retail stores, consumer electronics, wireless, apparel, hardware, house wares, and toys.


Our retail consulting team boasts over one hundred years of successful retail consulting and retail leadership and store operation expertise. This includes selling on the floor, managing store locations, field leadership, home office management, training and development, compensation plans, customer experience evaluation, mystery shopping programs, developing standard operating procedures, marketing programs, and vendor management.


Our retail consulting team excels at change management including helping your team acquire and integrate new locations or building new operational structures. We assist our clients to properly implement our recommendations to insure they achieve the results they seek and experience a positive ROI from our retail consulting services.


Our retail consulting team partners with and assists our clients with the development and deployment of the key components required for business success.  This includes effective business strategy, useful business analysis, and improved operational performance.


In order for a retail or consumer products organization to prosper they need to have a clear sense of where they are going (the strategic component), visibility and feedback on their progress (the analytical component), and the ability to execute their business plan smoothly (the operational performance component). Our retail consultant team has consistently demonstrated the ability to assist our clients with these key business components and, as a truly accountable business partner, we define your success as our success.

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